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The establishment of the Internal Audit Division is specified through the requirements of the Treasury Circular, PS 3.1 (Implementation of Internal Audit of the Ministry or Department of the Federal and State Government). The Audit Division carrying out its duties independently and helps to strengthen management accountability, governance and integrity by issuing Audit reports objectively. In addition, the Internal Audit Division also provides assurance and consultancy to the auditees through various lectures/workshops on financial management as to improve the level of efficiency, effectiveness and spending of public finance responsibly. The Internal Audit Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs is directed by the Head of the Audit Division whom is directly responsible to the Secretary-General of the Ministry.



Internal Audit Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible:
1. To review the reliability and effectiveness of financial systems and internal controls;
2. To review the level of compliance with policies, laws, regulations and enforced directives;
3. To ensure programmes/activities are managed prudently, efficiently and effectively;
4. To review assets and other interests are protected from loss, fraud and malpractices;
5. To provide advisory/opinion on internal control of all systems including ICT;
6. To report on the audit findings and follow-up of actions for matters raised;
7. to prepare Annual Audit Plans and Annual Reports of Internal Audit as required by Treasury;
8. Providing Audit reports to the management of the Ministry/Department/Agency; and
9. To table Internal Audit report at the meeting of the Management Committee Of Finance And Accounts and Audit Committee.


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